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5 Off The Wall Predictions

It’s that time again, another Thunder season is upon us. This current team is going to look a lot different with the departure of cornerstone players like Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka...Read more

The Downside of Fanatacism - A Look Back at the KD Decision

Looking around at the 18,000 other screaming heathens smashing their sweaty mitts together and howling in excitement, the thought hits me: this is ridiculous. We are a civilized people. Grown humans are paying exorbitant amounts of their hard earned monies to watch other grown humans put a ball in a circle.Read more

The New Look Oklahoma City Thunder

In losing Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka, and Dion Waiters, the Oklahoma City Thunder will be without three of Billy Donovan’s four leaders in total minutes played from a season ago...Read more

Running The Point: The Thunder's Quest for a Sixth Man

Thunder Sixth Man

The Sixth Man. Such an integral part of quality NBA teams since, well, always really. Sixth men are generally guys who play anywhere from 25-35 minutes per game, and when they’re in the game, they typically run the show. Read more

2015 NBA Power 16 - Week 7

Kevin Durant

The Warriors finally lose and the Spurs and Thunder are hot. Find out where they all land in this week's Power 16. Read more

2015 NBA Power 16 - Week 5

Kevin Durant

The Thunder have won 4 straight, but have a tough road schedule ahead of them. See where they land in this week's Power 16. Read more

2015 NBA Power 16 - Week 4

Russell Westbrook

The top 3 of this week’s Power 16 are obvious. The not-so-obvious? 10 of the 16 teams in the Power 16 are from the East. Find out where the Thunder land in this week’s editionRead more

2015 NBA Power 16 - Week 3

Sad Kevin Durant

The Thunder's 6-4 start is not what we expected. Luckily, no one else besides Golden State, Cleveland, and San Antonio are all that impressive. See where OKC landed in this weeks Power 16.Read more

2015 NBA Power 16 - Week 2

Russell Westbrook

We take a look at the top 16 teams in the NBA heading into week 3. The Oklahoma City Thunder took the hardest fall in the rankings after suffering through a three game losing streak in week 2.Read more

Video Cast | Week 2 Recap

The ThunderHeads join up in the virtual realm to discuss the recent three game losing streak for the thunder and decide whether or not it is time to panic.Read more

2015 NBA Preseason Power 16

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

Brandon takes a crack at listing out the top 16 teams heading into the 2015 NBA Season. Where will OKC fall according to his imaginary ranking system?Read more

2015 ThunderHeads Lottery Mock Draft

It's draft day for the NBA and mock drafts are popping up or being altered by the hour. Barring any trades, this is how we see the draft playing out based on our secret formula.Read more

The Draft Dilemma

Never before has it been so unclear as to what the Thunder will do with their first round draft pick. And this one could be special. I mean, it is a lottery pick. Given Presti’s astute draft reputation, this has the potential to be a home run for the Thunder, a team already stacked with talent. But could that possibly be a bad thing? Read more

Thunder Unknowns

The 2015 NBA Playoffs have already had some great moments, but even as they roll on and games become more important, I cannot stop thinking about what could be, or will be, for the Thunder next season. The 2014-2015 Thunder season was incredibly tough to watch, mostly because we all knew that this team had as much talent as any Thunder team we’ve seen in the past, but injuries robbed us from experiencing it’s full potential. Read more