30 Bold and Not-So-Bold Predictions 2015-16

30 Bold and Not-So-Bold Predictions
  1. Russell Westbrook will record 8 triple-doubles in the regular season

  2. Yes, he recorded 11 last year, but I think the number goes down because, quite frankly, he’s going to be sitting more 4th quarters this season. Although I’m not entirely sure Russell Westbrook needs four quarters to post a trip-dub.

  3. Kevin Durant will record 2 triple-doubles in the regular season

  4. Gah, he sucks!

  5. But, Kevin Durant will set a career-high in assists per game with 17

  6. With all the guys on this team that can score, there’s going to be a lot of games where KD can just sit back and make plays. I expect him to have a couple of these types of games.

  7. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will both record triple-doubles in the same game for the first time in their careers

  8. The Thunder’s longest winning streak will be 11 games

  9. One of the wins during said streak will be the Thunder’s sole visit to Washington, where KD & Co. will win handily. Take that.

  10. In Perk’s return to the Peake on 11/18, he will be showered with love.

  11. But Reggie Jackson’s return to OKC on 11/27, the boo’s will outweigh the applause.

  12. OKC will win by at least 20 points and will hold Reggie to below 20 points.

  13. Anthony Morrow will average less than 18 minutes per game.

  14. This will boggle fans. As it should.

  15. WAY OUT THERE PREDICTION: Thunder will trade Steve Novak to the Nuggets for Jameer Nelson at some point before the deadline. D.J. Augustin may or may not be included in this deal.

  16. Just trust me. (or don’t, probably)

  17. Dion Waiters will receive at least 5 DNPs (Coach’s Decision) over the course of the season.

  18. Thunder will enter the All-Star Break with a 43-11 record.

  19. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant will both be All-Star Game Starters.

  20. Ibaka won’t initially be voted in, but he’ll serve as a replacement, earning his first All-Star selection.

  21. Kevin Durant will compete for the 3 Point Contest at All-Star Weekend, but sadly, he won’t win it.

  22. But he will win his 2nd All-Star Game MVP.

  23. Ibaka will set a career-high for points in a game with 35.

  24. KD will score less than 10 points in a game for the first time since 2009.

  25. And he won’t record a single 50-point game, but he’ll get at least eight 40-point games.

  26. Andre Roberson will shoot a total of 50 airballs over the course of the season.

  27. Enes Kanter will come off the bench, but he’ll still lead the Thunder in rebounding.

  28. Russell Westbrook will lead the NBA in assists per game, averaging over 10.

  29. Serge Ibaka will lead the Thunder in 3-point percentage, over sharpshooting Anthony Morrow.

  30. Thunder will finish the season 59-23, good for 2nd place in the West.

  31. Both Russ and Serge will make the NBA Second Team All-Defense.

  32. And both Russ and KD will be First Team All-NBA selections.

  33. Thunder will draw Memphis in the first round of the Playoffs (big surprise), and they’ll handle them easily, 4-1.

  34. Thunder will win a Game 7 at Golden State in the Western Conference Finals to advance to the Finals.

  35. Thunder will win the NBA Championship.


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