NBA Power 16 - Week 3

Russell Westbrook


Golden State Warriors (11-0) (Last week: 1)

They just keep on rolling. They seem to have a pretty good shot of breaking the ‘96 Bulls record of 72-10.


San Antonio Spurs (7-2) (Last week: 5)

Here they are. Again. Always and forever. The Spurs are outscoring their opponents by an average of 10.6 points per game while possessing the league’s 2nd best defense thus far.


Cleveland Cavaliers (8-2) (Last week: 2)

Cleveland hasn’t played the toughest schedule in the league, but they’re still winning at an 80% clip.


Oklahoma City Thunder (6-4) (Last week: 9)

In the 4th quarters of the Thunder’s 4 losses this season, they have been outscored a combined 114-79. Two of those losses are at home. Losing Kevin Durant, arguably the league’s best closer, doesn’t help 4th quarter meltdown issues. Thunder need to figure out a way to get consistent contributions from players not named Russell Westbrook.


Los Angeles Clippers (6-4) (Last week: 8)

Clippers, like the Thunder, are better than their record shows. Blake Griffin is having an MVP caliber season so far.


Miami Heat (6-3) (Last week: 12)

I mentioned the Spurs have the 2nd-ranked defense in the league. Well, the Heat are 1st. They’re showing they can win in a variety of ways, and Chris Bosh is under-the-radar good right now.


Boston Celtics (5-4) (Last week: NR)

Celtics scored a big-time win at Oklahoma City where they completely annihilated the Thunder in the 4th quarter. Their pressure defense and steady offensive flow has been impressive.


Toronto Raptors (7-4) (Last week: 7)

The Raptors haven’t been all that impressive of late, but honestly, I don’t know who else to put here.


Atlanta Hawks (8-4) (Last week: 3)

A 1-3 week for the Hawks has them dropping 6 spots. They are still zipping the ball around the court just like last year, but losing Budenholzer for a TBD amount of time is going to hurt.


Chicago Bulls (6-3) (Last week: 11)

I don’t really know what to think of the Bulls. Butler is a stud, Rose is a complete mystery and Noah seems to have lost his swagger. But they’re still 6-3 somehow.


Indiana Pacers (6-4) (Last week: NR)

Paul George appears to not have missed a beat, averaging 24.3 ppg, 8.8 rpg, and 4.6 apg, and the Pacers are overachieving thanks to that man.


Utah Jazz (5-5) (Last week: 12)

I think Utah is for real. A .500 record out West right now is tied for 7th, so they’re still in good shape.


Dallas Mavericks (6-4) (Last week: NR)

I struggle to believe that the Mavericks will keep this winning percentage going, but they’ve put together some nice wins this season, including victories over Houston and the Clippers last week.


Detroit Pistons (5-5) (Last week: 4)

A four game losing streak for the Pistons has them dropping 10 spots as Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson have fallen, at least somewhat, back down to earth.


Charlotte Hornets (5-5) (Last week: NR)

JEREMY LAMB!!!!!!!!!!


Washington Wizards (4-4) (Last week: 13)

The Wizards lack depth. And coaching, apparently. Last week, Randy Wittman said OKC doesn’t have a stretch-4. Serge Ibaka responded by dropping 23 points on 9/15 shooting, including 3-3 from three. Stretch-4 that, Wittman.


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