NBA Power 16 - Week 4

Russell Westbrook


Golden State Warriors (15-0) (Last week: 1)

They’ve tied the NBA record for best start to a season at 15-0, and with the woeful Lakers are coming to town, go ahead and rewrite those record books.


San Antonio Spurs (10-3) (Last week: 2)

Big surprise, the Spurs are Spursing. They’re under-the-radar good right now and they’ve yet to drop a game at home. Scary thing is they will only get better.


Cleveland Cavaliers (10-3) (Last week: 3)

LeBron hasn’t been too happy with Cleveland’s effort so far this year, but they’re still rolling along while missing a top-20 player in Kyrie Irving. It’s hard to really judge this team until he returns.


Chicago Bulls (8-4) (Last week: 10)

Are the Bulls actually better without Derrick Rose? The numbers say so. I’m not sure Chicago could pull much outside interest when it comes to trading Rose, but I’d love to see them try for the sake of drama.


Toronto Raptors (9-6) (Last week: 8)

They’re 4-6 since starting 5-0, but some of that can be attributed to the Valanciunas injury. I love the talent this team possesses, and as their chemistry grows, I think they’re a legitimate Eastern Conference Finals contender.


Oklahoma City Thunder (8-6) (Last week: 4)

This team sure can look mediocre when KD isn’t on the court. When they execute offensively like they did Sunday vs. the Mavs, recording 25 assists, you’re reminded of their potential. With KD presumably returning this week, look for the Thunder to catch their stride in a relatively easy stretch of their schedule.


Indiana Pacers (8-5) (Last week: 11)

The Pacers just keep getting it done in this young season, and Paul George looks better than he ever has. Frank Vogel seemingly always has this team ready to play.


Miami Heat (8-4) (Last week: 6)

I think Miami was expecting more than 10.5 / 3.1 / 4.6 out of Goran Dragic after handing him that fat contract, but hey, Miami is 8-4, and they narrowly escaped what would’ve been embarrassing loss to the winless 76ers.


Boston Celtics (7-6) (Last week: 7)

Boston is one of the funnest teams in the league to watch, but after beating OKC and Houston in back-to-back road games last week, they followed up with a terrible loss to the terrible Nets. That was terrible.


Dallas Mavericks (9-5) (Last week: 13)

Dallas has won 6 of 7 and are meshing better than most thought. If Wes Matthews can get back to his old self, this team could potentially be unexpectedly dangerous.


Utah Jazz (6-6) (Last week: 12)

The Jazz are .500 and they’ve played the league’s 5th toughest schedule, having only 3 home games. They already have one of the league’s best defenses, and if they could get some consistent scoring, they could be even better than people thought.


Atlanta Hawks (9-6) (Last week: 9)

Atlanta, one of the most consistent teams last season, has been one of the most inconsistent teams this season. Health has been a bit of an issue, but Jeff Teague seems to have plateaued.


Los Angeles Clippers (6-7) (Last week: 5)

What’s wrong with the Clippers!? Are they the next team to have a “players only” meeting!? Reports say Josh Smith and Doc Rivers got into it after their latest loss. Oh, how I love it.


New York Knicks (8-6) (Last week: NR)

Honestly, this might be too low. The Knicks are playing to their ceiling right now, and the Zinger is sweeping the nation.


Washington Wizards (6-4) (Last week: 16)

The Wizards are so consistently underwhelming that I don’t know what to think. They need a spark. They lack depth. Their coach essentially said Serge Ibaka isn’t a stretch-4. Get out of here.


Charlotte Hornets (7-6) (Last week: 15)

JEREMY LAMB!!!!!!!!!!


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