NBA Power 16 - Week 7

Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook


Golden State Warriors (24-1) (Last week: 1)

They lost! To the…Bucks? Will the Warriors start dropping games here and there, or will they just keep rolling along?


San Antonio Spurs (21-5) (Last week: 2)

Spurs are playing so well, they almost took over the No. 1 spot this week. They're holding teams to 87.9 ppg; that's absurd. Yet they're still somehow kind of under-the-radar…


Oklahoma City Thunder (16-8) (Last week: 4)

The Thunder edge out the Cavs this week thanks to an NBA-best 5-game winning streak. Thunder visit Cleveland on the second night of a back-to-back on Thursday in what promises to be a good one. Might Kyrie return that night?


Cleveland Cavaliers (15-7) (Last week: 3)

The Cavs got Shumpert back, and they're about to get their second-best player back in Kyrie Irving. The Cavs time to run away with the East's No. 1 seed is coming.


Toronto Raptors (16-10) (Last week: 6)

Raptors just keep getting it done. I worry about this team somewhat in the long run, as these past few years have shown that they tend to break down towards the ends of seasons. The East is so deep this year, they need to stay focused and keep winning big games.


Boston Celtics (14-10) (Last week: 15)

Boston has been the NBA's lovable underdog, but they've made it up to No. 6 in these rankings, so maybe they're not such an underdog after all. They're so well coached and play such good team ball; it'll make them scary come playoff time.


Indiana Pacers (14-9) (Last week: 5)

Given their roster, I don't know how sustainable the Pacers' success is, but they'll go as far as MVP-candidate Paul George takes them.


Chicago Bulls (14-8) (Last week: 7)

All the "Derrick Rose this" and "Derrick Rose that" murmurs are overshadowing what is a decent start for the Bulls. Noah has seemed to find himself again, but there's no doubt this team has issues.


Charlotte Hornets (14-9) (Last week: 12)

JEREMY LAMB!!!!!!!!!!


Los Angeles Clippers (15-10) (Last week: 14)

Here come the Clippers. They're starting to play well, just like you knew they would.


Miami Heat (14-9) (Last week: 8)

I'm still baffled at the underwhelmingness of Goran Dragic. They gave that dude a lot of money, and when Wade's time is up, I'm just not sure he can run a contending team.


Atlanta Hawks (14-12) (Last week: 10)

What has happened to Atlanta? After getting blown out by the Thunder on the road, they went home and were held to 25 points in the first half vs. the Spurs. Something's not clicking.


Utah Jazz (10-13) (Last week: 9)

Poor Utah. Losing Gobert kills them. They've played the league's second-toughest schedule to date, and they could use some cupcake games to get them back on track.


Dallas Mavericks (14-11) (Last week: 11)

Isn't everyone just waiting for Dallas to fall flat on their face? I am. I might be proven wrong though. Wesley Matthews has started to look like himself again - Now if they could just find that Chandler Parsons fella…


Detroit Pistons (14-12) (Last week: NR)

I'll admit it - I'm surprised at how well Reggie Jackson has played at times this year. Maybe it's a product of the Pistons not really having any other contributors, or maybe he really is that good.


Memphis Grizzlies (14-12) (Last week: 13)

Big changes soon to come in Memphis? Sure feels like it.


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