The Weekly Rumble

The We

Last week: 2-1 (5-1)

Date Team Score
11/2/16 Thunder 85
Clippers 83
11/3/16 Thunder 96
Warriors 122
11/5/16 T'Wolves 92
Thunder 112

Where the Thunder was Good

  • Protecting the Rim

    • After struggling to protect the rim most of Week 1, the Thunder stepped up their game in that department, blocking an average of 6.7 shots per game over the week. Those aren’t glory-day Serge Ibaka numbers, but still solid nonetheless. The swapping of Ersan Ilyasova for Jerami Grant helped too; Jerami’s averaged 2 blocks per game so far in a Thunder uniform.

  • Scoring Inside

    • Obviously this team is good at getting the ball in the paint. I mean, they have Russell Westbrook on the team. However, one thing that especially stuck out this week was this roster’s cutting ability, namely Victor Oladipo. Westbrook and Oladipo are starting to mesh a little bit more each and every game, and you saw a nice weakside cut by Victor rewarded with a nifty Russ pass in the lane on this play:

  • Limiting Points Off Turnovers

    • An achilles’ heel of the Thunder has always been turnovers, however, they’ve been doing a fantastic job of not giving up easy buckets off of turnovers, allowing just 13 points per game off of 16.7 turnovers per game. If you don’t math good, that’s less than a point given up per turnover. That’s superb.

Where the Thunder was Bad

  • Free Throw Shooting

    • Oh man, this is becoming a serious problem. The Thunder were the worst team from the line in the entire NBA this week, shooting a pathetic 59.7%. Typical good free throw shooters have been average at best (Russ - 74.2%, Kanter - 50%, etc.). And then there’s some absolutely unacceptable numbers too (Oladipo - 40%, Roberson - 25%). It’s time for Billy to make this a focus in practice.

  • All-Bench Lineups

    • Yikes. The starters over the week were a combined +32, while the bench was a combined -36. The bench is just really struggling to score at times. It’s early in the season, but this is a big concern for this team moving forward.

Player of the Week

Jerami Grant

Jerami is already starting to win fans over with his ridiculous athleticism and severe hustling habits. He gets our vote for Player of the Week mostly because of his sick throw-down on KD, but that wasn’t his only highlight dunk of the week. Kid’s got skills.

What to Watch for

  • Sabonis is starting to figure some stuff out, slowly but surely. He cut down his fouls this week, averaging just 3.3 per game, and he’s starting to show confidence on offense. Look for his minutes to increase this week.

  • Jerami Grant has replaced Singler in the rotation, but I wonder if the Thunder might use him at the PF spot some. Think about a lineup of Russ, Oladipo, Roberson, Grant and Adams. The athleticism and length is off the charts. Thunder regained some of their lost length with the Grant trade.

  • Thunder are hosting two “Welcome Back” games this week. We’ll see Dion Waiters on Monday, and Serge Ibaka on Sunday.

Things are trending...

Upwards, for the second consecutive week. You have to be impressed with the way this team is playing defense. If and once they figure out things on the offensive end, lookout. This team might be better than any of us imagined.

Next Week

11/7/16 - vs. Miami (FSOK)
11/9/16 - vs. Toronto (FSOK)
11/11/16 - vs. LA Clippers (NBAtv)
11/13/16 - vs. Orlando (FSOK)


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